I believe this is Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle [Chilocorus stigma] Nov. 8/17 on rail of back deck

A poor image but, at  least, documentary.

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Yes, I believe you are correct. Nice find!!

Thanks, Denis! Wasn't overly hard to find; sort of right in front of me.

Sure looks like one Joanne.  This species is out very early in the spring - late April early May, depending on the year.  I don't recall ever seeing one this late in the season.

Like Danny, I tend to see them in the spring and fall, which makes sense, as they overwinter as adults. Last year seemed to be a good one for observing them into November and certainly this year has been as well. Here is a link to my three records on iNaturalist from November last year:

November 2016 records

Denis and Danny.... this is the first one I've EVER seen.

I did note [Tom Murray's Insects of New England and New York] that it's best to look at the underside to be sure of id but I couldn't convince the Beetle to allow an image!

Congrats on lifer lady beetle, Joanne! They are indeed wonderful. A good place to scope them out is on the edge of a stand of young poplars with smoother bark on the edge of a field or pasture.

Thanks for that info, Denis! I've found that my interest in moths have made me more aware of 'those other critters'. I'll keep your words re Twice-stabbed Lady Beetles in mind when I'm looking for Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in Poplar stands after this.

WTG Joanne!!  Haven't seen any Beetles lately...If I leave the porch light on, I still get a few Moths though.  lol

Thanks, Nancy!

very nice Joanne

Thank you, Tom.


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