May 4 2017 Fredericton, on dead White Pine

Family Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles Subfamily Buprestinae Tribe Buprestini Genus Buprestis No Taxon subgenus Cypriacis Species striata - Buprestis striata

Only 'decent' insect seen this pm.

Top: as shot

Bottom: crop

Tags: -, Beetles, Buprestidae, Buprestinae, Buprestini, Buprestis, Cypriacis, Family, Genus, Metallic, More…No, Species, Subfamily, Taxon, Tribe, Wood-boring, striata, subgenus

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Oh My....lovely coloring!! 

Superb image :)  

Nice find, and shot.

What an attractive Bupestrid!! Great capture, Tony.

Thanks folks.

Bupestrid sounds right Stu; that's how I had been calling it for years. But just today saw that is BupRestid which doesn't flow of the tongue so easily.

You got me! I've made that mistake before and didn't learn my lesson. 

Whoa, what a beauty! Superb, Tony!


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