I key it out to O. nitens with this key: http://cjai.biologicalsurvey.ca/bnkmm_12/keys/genus/c1.html

Any confirmation would be appreciated.  I can't find a record of it in Webster's 2016 NB checklist or in Bousquet's Canadian checklist.

First image you can measure on your screen - elytra at middle shorter than pronotum

Second shot - lateral setae restricted to anterior half of temple

Third shot is maxillary palp - elongate and rectangular

Nasonworth - May 2, 2018

Found burrowing down into sphagnum on edge of woods.

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Confirmed as O. nitens by Adam Brunke, one of the creators of the online key.


AWESOME!! Congrats on the find and kudos to all the photos to enable its confirmation. New for the Maritimes!

Thanks boss man.  I somehow managed to pin it, pull apart the mandibles, and take pictures without destroying it.  That's a rare thing for me and my coffee fueled shakes.  Now I just have to make sure that I don't destroy it when I label it and put it away in my box.  I guarantee a bird will fly into my window just as I go to put it away, causing me to jump, drop the pin, and step on it.  That's the way she rolls.

Confirmed as O. nitens by Adam Brunke

Congrats on the new addition.

Thanks sensei! :-)

Congratulations, E!!!

Merci madame! :-)

Congratulations, mon sewer! You sure earned this one.

Merci bien mon ami


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