This one looks different from the N. orbicollis that has 'bugged' me while I was looking for moths.

Comments requested.

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Nice one Joanne, I'd agree with your ID; the arched hind legs do it.

THANK YOU, Danny! I wasn't sure if I chose the correct name, but thought it looked different from the one I've seen.

Very nice, Jo!

Thanks, Stu!

Love me a good carrion beetle.

I also agree with ID.  Another thing to separate it from orbicollis are the orange spots up towards the head.  On sayi they reach down onto the sides and up to the shoulders.  On orbicollis they stop before reaching the sides. 

So if you only had a picture from the side like this one you could ID it to sayi without being able to see the arch in the hind legs.  

Nice find!  Time for me to go looking! :-)

Thank you, E! This critter hung around last evening long enough to see darned near every aspect before 'borrowing' it to get an image... I did notice the extent of the orange on the sides and toward the neck. That's actually how I determined id.... had no clue re arched legs then!

This guy came back last evening [May 5/18], as did Dytiscus verticalis {Vertical Diving Beetle].


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