I found this critter last year (May 30, 2017) but didn't get a sample, and didn't get an agreement on ID from some.  

Here, hopefully irrefutably, is a decent overhead picture of a specimen that I collected (Fredericton area, July 9, 2018) and will add additional pictures of here/BugGuide/iNat at some point.  

To the best of my knowledge, this would be the first record for N.B. (not counting my previous one that "wasn't").  

Platydracus immaculatus


Boris Büche confirmed ID on iNat for this record (and my previous one), but corrections still welcomed, especially if someone knows if it has been recorded here already.


More pictures...

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Great find; seems to have solved the problem.

Adam Brunke (lead on the above linked key) got back to me via email and confirmed species.  To the best of his knowledge, it's a first for N.B.

Whoa, nice!! Great work. Congrats on the find and the addition to the NB list, sir!

Thanks boss! :-)

Congratulations, E!

Thanks Stuart :-)


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