Moncton- on the 126 Magnetic hill

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I think this is a Dytiscid (Predaceous Diving Beetle) species. How big was it?

it was bigger then  a June  bug

Looks a LOt like this, but I am not sure. If so, one of our largest (THE largest?) diving beetles:

Very nice observation, Tom!

it really does look like it Denis,its a strange thing there were no ponds or water around the area it was spotted in in a   rellitive of mines Dads Driveway several times at night just got the photo i just thought it looked like waterlily beetle but yet i was not sure  it was at night this photo was taken they are keeping an eye open for it again

the location for this guy  is in a driveway on the 126 near the Magnetic hill school

Thing is that they fly and can land anywhere.

yes that is true Joanne,,,  but how far,they pump air in there wings and land in shinning objects like a pond or body of water perhaps the driveway was wet and shinny and it was at night and several nights stops there

ok everything together now,flies a long distance,,,at night they pump air through the wings,they they dive down  at  shinning objects like ponds ,bodies of water ,and possible wet driveways so  a large Dytiscid-  Dytiscus diving water Beetle thank you  much  for this Denis you the man

WTG Tom!!  Certainly don't want the June Bugs yet!! 

thank you Nancy

Could be Dytiscus dauricus


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