Saw half a dozen of these out sunning themselves on the warm bark of a tree. These two were having a chat.

Minto NB, Feb 28, 2018

Ellychnia corrusca

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Nice!! I have not seen any of these in quite a while, but I expect they will be out here anytime too. Thanks for sharing!

Things are really starting to heat up. Two small flocks of RW Blackbirds flew through the HQ area of Fundy National Park this morning, all males.

Thanks Denis! Nice to see those RW Blackbirds I bet. A sign things are starting to come our way.

Great Jimmy, bring on the spring.  No bugs here, but I have 4 red and 3 gray squirrels fighting over the bird feeders; great entertainment for our cat.

Yeah for spring Danny! A little red one here seems to chase of the gray ones even though they are much larger. I'm finally starting to win the battle to keep them from the bird feeders. Took me eight years lol. One little red one did manage to penetrate my defences the other day but I have prevailed again ... for now.

WTG! I saw one on the rail of the back deck just a few minutes ago.

Thanks Jo! Nice to see some bug critters! :) Won't be long before you know what!


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