Chris mentioned he saw one yesterday. Saw this one today May 5th, 2018, Rock road near Minto. It was nestled in the leaves trying to avoid the wind. I've lost track of whet these are actually called now .... other than Azure. My earliest record is April 20, 2012.

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I've ever only called these first ones Lucia Azure, Jimmy..... have the names changed?

I can't find the post at the moment but I think Tony mentioned a year or two ago something about that ... something about the fact they all go by the same name now. I'm not sure Joanne.

I 'think' now Jo that they are all called Lucia ... early spring azures, late spring azures, summer azures and winter ones ... ok there are none in winter :)

Yeah, I read Denis' info.... sure makes it easy, does it not?

Excellent, Jimmy!

I think the current thinking in NB is that we just have one species, multi-brooded, C. lucia (if I interpret this right):

Imagine ... I was just reading that same article ... trying to make sense of it. Yes I see that is correct and Joanne is  correct also I see. I think the confusion MAY come from the fact that these are called Northern Azure. Spring Azure does not occur in NB far as I can tell but rather in Ontario. To really throw a wrench into it, MBA calls it Northern Spring Azure!  I'm easily confused :)

I'll edit my tags.

Perhaps we'd better just get used to the scientific names, Jimmy!

Awesome....we have butterflies!  Stunning image of the Azure JD!

WTG Jimmy... jealous in Quarryville!!


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