Landed on my right arm.... caught it in my left hand.... after I opened my hand, which was after I got the camera, it stayed long enough for this image.

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Yes!!  WTG Joanne!!  Haven't seen one yet this yr.  

Great shot!

Thanks, Nancy! I know a number of Butterflies but , there are more that I don't know. This one is a new one for me. Thanks re was a bit awkward with the b'fly in one hand and the camera in the other!!

Just figured out: I know 33 b'flies.

I am no good at butterflies......just a few on my list.

Nice one  Nancy

Perhaps we all changed our names? This one belongs to me, Laurie.... I'm Joanne.

Too funny!!  Laurie must be getting back at me...

Sorry Joanne what can I say sorry. but a very nice shot will done.

That's OK, Laurie. It was quite the joke, first Nancy called you Joanne and then you call me Nancy!!


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