Seen near Albrights Corner May 17, 2017.

Callophrys niphon

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WONDERFUL image, Jimmy!

Thanks guys! I'd still like to see a Henry's some day.

Hey Jimmy

Nice pic !

On May 18 th here in NS - scored a Trifecta plus 1 with  Brown, Bog , Henry's and Hoary  .

Only one missed was Eastern Pine. Was hoping to get all species of Elfin in one outing . It was an  excellent outing :)

Sounds like you had an excellent Elfin Day Derek .... near perfect! :) ... I did get a Brown today ... (another post shortly)

WTG Jimmy!!  Not one Elphin in sight, here!!  After such a hot day today, I'm thinking they will probably be here now.  Great shot ")

Thanks Nancy! I was out and about today looking for you know what .... didn't see any off those nor any elfins. Keep looking ... they will show up.

Fabulous pic JD!


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