A lifer for me if ID is correct. Seen on the Rock Road near Minto, May 9, 2018.

Callophrys polios

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Congrats, Jimmy!!

Thank you Jo! I hope the ID is correct.

great photo of a not-too-common species

Thank you Tony! Yes I see its listed as VU (vulnerable) by NatureServe.

Wowzers ~~ on the clarity of this image JD.  Congrats on the lifer!

Thanks Gail! I was laying on the dirt road on my belly with the camera about 8 inches from it. Manual focus though and trying steady the camera on a small rock as no image stabilization with that lens. But ... it turned out well. :)

Brilliant shot, Jimmy!! I spent much of yesterday afternoon searching for elfins in a boggy area near Cocagne but no luck. 

Thanks Stu! Good luck searching for elfins (or anything else). Its been really nice here for nearly a week or so. Hopefully the weather is warming up in your area. I think I may hit some like habitats myself today. I've seen just three elfin species and there are more to be found. Maybe even find a Springtime Darner! :D

What a beauty! Great photo, Jimmy.


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