My dad had a lone monarch on his little patch of milkweed today at his house in Fredericton junction. If anyone is in the area, there is quite a large patch of milkweed in a field as you turn off hwy 101 to route 785 if you want to look for monarchs.

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Common or Swamp Milkweed, Andrew?

Honestly Joanne I would only be guessing. The patch in my fathers yard spread into his lawn this spring so I'm assuming its the more invasive common but I'd just be guessing and the other patch by route 785 I have no idea....sorry. I'll have to go study the differences.
OK sorry, should have done my research before answering. Definately common at my dads and I think same for the route 785 and the Wilkins field patch seemed to be common as well. Come to think of it, I think hyla park had common as well.

Common is the spreading species, Andrew !!

So my dads going have fun with this plant species then.........;)

Assume he has a lawn mower...:}!

That is wonderful Andrew,  and thanks for sharing.  i think if the space is available the common is a nice milk weed.   I wonder what the Monarchs prefer and if they even have a preference..  :-)    

Just wondering ... as you turn off the 101, there is a short stretch (maybe 200 yards - maybe 4 or 5 iron) that you would be on the Duplisea Rd ... then turn onto 785. Would the milkweed patch be on the 785 or that short stretch of road? AND ... nice finds Andrew! :)


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