I took a little trip this morning to the north end of the Burton Bridge in Maugerville, Sunbury Co. There were many milkweed plants lining the sunny side of the old paved road, and I was excited to find a Monarch larva, then another, finally a third. Two adults were also flying around but images of them were almost impossible. Total: 3 imm. and 2 adults.

Tags: Danainae, Danaus, Monarch, NYMPHALIDAE, plexippus

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That’s fantastic Chris!! Hopefully it will be a better year for them.

I have a small patch of Swamp Milkweed that I've raised from seed and planted on my property,. Last evening, a friend who raises/tags/releases Monarchs, got 24 eggs off that patch. She will continue to monitor the patch.

Saw my first of year this past Tuesday outside a coffee shop in Petit-rocher on a lychnis chalcedonica


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