Was checking my goatsbeard bush today for cerambycids, but found this instead.

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Superb image, Danny! I've not seen this one yet. I do have a Buddleia [Black Knight] which is just coming into bloom. Also have more Swamp Milkweed seedlings to plant with the others I planted last year.

Wow nice Danny! Another fabulous yard find! I've never seen such a thing. Super nice image too. I'm gonna have to get me somma that goats beard. Do I need a to find a goat first?

This is prettier than a long horned beetle Danny...lol    Fabulous shot!  I've only seen one Hairstreak and can't remember which one.

Thanks folks; I never see butterflies on this plant.  So this was quite a surprise.  Found a couple of common borers this afternoon, but no photos.  And yes Jim, the plant is propagated by the hair of a ram's chin !

A ram! That makes sense ... as a nanny wouldn't have a beard! Thanks Danny :)

I think far too many were out in the noontime heat today!!!



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