Found this fella on the Island(Grand Manan) but I forget where. I think it was around Red Point. Can anyone ID this one for me?

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Check out Common Wood-Nymph, Andrew.

Thanks Joanne, I never saw this butterfly before. I was hoping it sling shotted from the southern US.....;)

Looking for a Buckeye, were you?

No, not really just a long distance migrant of any sort.

Missed this time, Andrew, but who knows what comes next?

FYI: I had several Buckeyes on Machias Seal  4-5 years ago so they are possible, especially at this time of year.

Interesting Ralph, and with this active hurricane season, who knows what the wind will blow in.

it reminds of a common buckeye but there is a little color missing and yet it looks like a wood nyph but lighter color nice Andrew

Thanks Tom, maybe a worn specimen


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