Moncton- only one of its kind in my back yard near a flat rock no leaves out yet or is it something else

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Coltsfoot maybe, Tom?

Yes, as Joanne says, Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

i did not see you message, i just came to the same thing  COTSFOOT- is right  Joanne i never had any coltsfoot on the property in the 24 years i lived here  i have that only one plant l.o l  strange,i seen golden asters before but the rays sure fooled me this time

thank you Denis,and she is 100% right i am not going to pull it out i'll just leave it for awhile the flower head rays had me fooled but not twice

Even if you pull it out, it has such a long tap root that you well might see a blossom in years to come. They spread quite well, Tom.


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