Who recognizes this plant found in a fairly dry sphagnum bog in PEI?

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Looks like Glaux maritima? AKA Lysimachia maritima (Sea Milkwort):


Works for me. Thanks!

Beautiful!! I've not ever seen it.

Beautiful it is. :-)

Interesting to find it in a sphagnum bog. I generally find it in a salt marsh or a dune/saltmarsh interface on a sandspit.

I suppose it is a bit of a mixed bag. There is certainly sphagnum substrate, and it is adjacent to a sandy beach on the sea-shore. Other species include Kalmia, Rhodora, crowberry, bakeapple, labrador tea. It is said to have grass pink and arethusa but they are not in evidence at present. :-)

There is also lots of this starry false Solomon's seal, which is maybe associated with the habitat Denis and Stuart describe, so I suppose there is something of a transition zone or blended habitat.

Like Denis, I find it abundant on some local salt marsh / sand dune complexes along the coast here in s.e. NB but I've never seen it in any other habitat. Very popular with pollinators. 


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