Hi all,

  For anyone interested (I thought this would be a great place to post), I will be giving a talk at the upcoming Saint John Naturalists meeting on Sept. 8th at NBM (7pm start).

  The talk will address the rising concern of ocean acidification, including how it works, how it will affect different animals, how it will affect humans, and will finish off by discussing some of the work I've been doing here in the Bay of Fundy related to acidification and soft-shell clams. 

  Hope to see some of you there!

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A great place to post this Jeff; I will see you there!

Good stuff!!

This sounds very interesting and informative, even if it presents a disturbing reality. I would love to see your presentation, unfortunately this will not be possible as I now live in Nova Scotia (Waverley), but currently enjoying a three week stint on Brier Island (across the Bay of Fundy from Grand Manan).

Is there an electronic version that could be shared (highlights would be sufficient) with participants of this forum?



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