Bucket loads of seashells at Crow Island near Chance Harbour. Also I've seen these white things before but have no idea what they are.

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Nice! On the top, I would say all or mostly Littorina littorea (Common Periwinkle). On the bottom, a marvelous, sessile (for most of their life, anyway) crustacean by the name of Semibalanus balanoides, the Common Rock Barnacle, which is essentially ubiquitous in the intertidal zones of the world's northern oceans and lives a fascinating lifestyle.  Read more about them here:


Denis thanks for the ID on the barnacle! I read the wiki article ... wow what a fascinating creature! Great read on the life of these. Its like something out of science fiction! Oh ... and the Periwinkle too.

Most welcome!

Agreed with Denis! Primarily L. littorea on top, although I do see at least one L. obtusata (smoth periwinkle; orange colored fellow just below the center of the image). Definitely S. balanoides on bottom. Fun fact about barnacles: they have the largest penis:body szie ratio of any animal we know of :-)

As I remember Barnacles were id'd for you last year as well Jimmy. An interesting bit of sea life to be sure....  an animal species that stands on it's head with it's feet, through which it gathers food at the top. Sexuality of Barnacles are dependent on needs of the colony. Jeff has also mentioned the long male organ!

Joanne, I didn't post barnacles again for ID. This is an old post. Check the date. Jeff just resurrected it.

As to the Periwinkles: you will find that in Charlotte Co. [maybe elsewhere?] they are known simply as winkles.

Sorry about that Jimmy!

No worries Joanne ... people seldom check the dates .... I just happen to know about this one as I posted last April.


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