This was spotted by Gail and I on the Eighteen Rd near Albrights Corner, July 7 2018. I think its Exoprosopa dorcadion. The nearest ones to NB on BG are Kansas and Sask. About the same on iNat.

BG, ... does say the range is from NB to BC.

Looks to me like the wing venation fits to a T. Brown colour exactly fills in cell R1 ... whereas in E. caliptera, it spills beyond R2+3. Link to wings below.

Wing closeup of dorcadion.

Wing closeup of caliptera.

Looking at E. caliptera, , which BG says is close to E dorcadion, all the differences also support this.

BG ... E. caliptera ... "The most consistent distinction is that in dorcadion the white band on the second tergite is narrower (i.e. ≤ 1/2 tergite length) or absent, and is neither notched nor broken medially." This fits far as I can tell.

I'm adding all this info just showing all the stuff I came across trying to ID it. I'd like to know how/where to find Bee Fly records in Canada. Corrections welcomed!

Pictures aren’t great ... was a blazing sun ...

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Thanks Stu! Habitat ... hmmm ... not my strong point describing  that but I'll try. There is a dirt road with some trees on each side of it. Hows that? LOL.

I'll try harder ... The Wildcat Brook, which is 20 feet wide. crosses a dirt logging road. There is a small bridge which is needed for vehicles. On each side of the road, there is much trees bushes and vegetation. I have no idea the kind but I wouldn't want to walk through it. Right next to the road are some wild flowers ... right now there are daisies and some purple flowers I think.  We found this fly Sunday (images above) on the far side of the bridge in the flowers on the side of the road (far side means further side from Route 10. Today I found more in the same spot but seemed to be interested in just landing on the dirt road itself near the edge of the road. Both times this was very near the bridge ... say 10-20 feet from it.

Wildcat Brook dumps into Little river which is very close by.

Also today, I found others on the near side of the bridge (side closest to Route 10). On this side there is a kinda half and half dirt/grass path the runs adjacent to the brook. Looks like this may have been a road 100 or 1000 years ago. They were flying around there low to the ground landing here and there. This is open and close to the surrounding vegetation ... which is ... I dunno .... bushes/trees/grass. There is also Eastern Red Damsels, Variable Dancers, and Azure Bluets here.

No open fields or clearcutting in this particular location. Those habitats are along this dirt road later and it may also have these bee flies but I have no idea. I'll be watching for them though. Funny thing is this road is right close to home and when Gail and I went out there Sunday, we found Snaketails and Dragonhunters on the road further out .... and then these cool little flies ... and other things too.

Its just 10 minutes from my place and maybe tomorrow I'll go and take a few images of the area .... much better then my habitant description :D

Nice find JD! :-D

Thanks Mr E!


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