Lots of larger Flies and other winged, crawling critters visit 2 baited trees. This wee one was the only one of it's kind. I think it's a very attractive wee critter. [Addendum post id: the name is longer than the fly]

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I agree Joanne.  I haven't had any cool critters for awhile.  I love the Beetles and the giant Crane Flies.

Did you check Murray's book...I can't remember if you have it. 

I have one but didn't see it there. Tried to image on the tree but the tree showed up better than the [?] Fly. After 5 X trying to capture it, I managed to do so. 'Borrowed' it, cooled it off bottom of fridge approx 20 min., imaged and released. Later saw it back at bait. Can't get over the size of this wee critter.

Nice one, Jo! It looks like something I've seen before but I just can't remember what family to start looking in. So many flies.... I'm sure Danny or Tony will know.

Thanks, Stu. Guess I'm stuck liking 'the little things' in nature. It's a striking wee devil.

Treat this as a possible lead, and not an identification, as flies are not really my forté, but I'm wondering if it might be Urophora jaceana - Brown Knapweed Gall Fly.

Thanks for your response, Dwayne.An almost match. Danny O'Shea has responded with the exact match.

I believe it is a window winged fly (Ulidiidae).  Looking in Marshall it matches well with Pseudotephritis. Check BG and see what you think.

Checked it out, Danny; a dead ringer!! Thank you!

That should read picture-winged fly, not window winged.



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