Moths New to NB


Moths New to NB

BNB members are finding species that have not previously reported from NB "New NB Species". These species are getting 'lost' amongst the other moth postings in Chris Adam's  "Moths of New Brunswick" Group. This New Group is to keep track of these new species in one easily accessible place. In order to keep the list uncluttered with comments and replies I am restricting postings. I will add new species as images or I will simply list the new species and provide a link to the post.

New species for NB should be first posted in Chris' group so that comments and discussion can be added.

A species will be considered 'new' if it is not listed in:
Lafontaine,J.D., et al. 2010. Moths and Butterflies (Lepidoptera) of the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone. In Assessment of Species Diversity in the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone. Edited by D.F. McAlpine and I.M. Smith. NRC Research Press, Ottawa, Canada. Pages 489-537.

There are species shown on BugGuide and listed on Moth Photography Group that would be considered new under the above criterion. I will attempt to add these species here, suitably referenced.

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Comment by Tony on February 11, 2016 at 4:44pm

Delete 3825 in the following list   - misidentification

Comment by Tony on January 31, 2016 at 3:59pm

Here is the list of NEW to NB Moths up to Jan 31 2016.

Great effort by all participants.

0609 Cherry Leaf-cone Caterpillar Moth
0882 Agonopterix robiniella Four-spotted Agonopterix Moth
0924.1 Purple Carrot-seed Moth (Depressaria depressana)
1046 Orange-headed Epicallima
1140 Glyphidocera lithodoxa
1255 – Coleophora sacramenta
1430 Mompha brevivittella
1463 Linnaeus' Spangle-wing
1476 – Cosmopterix montisella
1673 Chenopodium Scythris
1685 Burdock Seedhead Moth
1761 Aristotelia roseosuffusella
1858 Telphusa longifasciella
1966 Goldenrod Gall Moth
2295 – Dichomeris flavocostella – Cream-edged Dichomeris Moth
2401 Ailanthus Webworm [Atteva aurea]
2413 Gray-blue Swammerdamia Swammerdamia caesiella
2546 Red Maple Borer Synanthedon acerrubri
2550 Lesser Peachtree Borer Synathedon pictipes
2717 Paralobesia yaracana
2738 Verbana Bud Moth Endothenia hebesana
2743 Endothenia nubilana
2753 – Apotomis capreana – Sallow Apotomis Moth
2787 Olethreutes connectum Bunchberry Leaffolder Moth
2794 – Olethreutes quadrifidum
2863 White-spotted Hedya
2936 Phaneta tomonana - Aster-head Phaneta
3074 Eucopina tocullionana - White Pine Cone Borer
3192 Gray-blotched Epiblema - Epiblema carolinana
3202 – Epiblema otiosana – Bidens Borer Moth
3203 Epiblema brightonana Brighton's Epiblema Moth
3233 Northern Boxelder Twig Borer Moth
3235 Proteoteras moffatiana Maple Bud Borer Moth
3312 Epinotia momonana
3347 Epinotia septemberana
3347 Epinotia septemberana
3492 – Cydia pomonella – Codling Moth
3494 Cydia latiferreana Filbertworm Moth
3502 Acleris albicomana Red-edged Acleris Moth
3509 Acleris ptychogrammos
3539 Acleris chalybeana Lesser Maple Leafroller
3543 Acleris maculidorsana
3558 Acleris busckana
3567.1 Cnephasia stephensiana Gray Tortrix Moth
3584 Anopina ednana
3691 Shimmering Adoxophyes Moth
3706.1 – Sparganothis boweri
3754.3 Aethes atomosana
3760.2 Six-toothed Aethes
3776 Cochylis hoffmanana Hoffman's Cochylid Moth
3808 Phalonidia memoranda
3825 Phtheochroa villana
3848 Primrose Cochylid Moth - Cochylis oenotherana
4738 Striped Eudonia
4743 Scrollwork Pyralid [Neocataclysta magnificalis]
4751 Waterlily Borer - Elophila gyralis
4755 Waterlily Leafcutter Elophila obliteralis
4889 Julia's Dicymolomia
4949 Ostrinia nubilalis European Corn Borer Moth
4986.1 – Sitochroa palealis – Greenish-Yellow Sitochroa Moth
4986.1 Sitochroa palealis
5034 Raspberry Pyrausta Pyrausta signatalis
5169 Hymenia perspectalis
5250 Bog Lygropia Lygropia rivulalis
5279 Herpetogramma theseusalis Herpetogramma Moth
5524 Clover Hayworm Hypsopygia costalis
5552 Boxwood Leaftier Galasa nigrinodis
5571 Condylolomia participalis Drab Condylolomia Moth
5629 Aphomia sociella Bee Moth
5630 Aphomia terrenella
5745 Glyptocera consobrinella
5796 Locust Leafroller
5799 Sciota basilaris
5999 Broad-banded Eulogia, Fredericton Aug 3 2015
6011 Vitula broweri Brower's Vitula Moth
6236 Glorious Habrosyne
7290 Barberry Geometer Coryphista meadii
7415 Orthonama evansi
7627 Aplocera plagiata Treble-bar
8361 Louisiana Snout-moth Macrochilo louisiana
8420 Hypenodes caducus (Large Hypenodes Moth)
8592 – Cissusa spadix – Black-dotted Brown Moth
8745 Texas Mocis
8766 Long-winged Doryodes Doryodes grandipennis
8952 Connected Looper [Plusia contexta]
9090 Olive-shaded Bird-dropping Moth Ponometia candefacta
9095 Small Bird-dropping Moth Ponometia erastrioides
9395 Sand Wainscot (Apamaea lintneri)
9434 Included Cordgrass Borer Moth Photedes includens
9486 Umbellifer Borer Moth (Papaipema birdi)


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