We were visiting a friend in Keswick on 9 June 2018 when I noticed and collected a typical lilac leafminer trumpet mine. Throughout the next few days several (I could not count them) active pale green larvae ate up most of the leaf. Eventually I had to replace the original leaf with another from my yard. On 20 June I noticed that there were 8 cocoons ringing the bottom edge of the vial: so, 8 larvae. Two emerged on 2 July, 2 more on 5 July, and the final four on 6 July. I lost one of them due to an abortive photography attempt but was successful (more or less) today, 6 June. These are:

GRACILLARIIDAE Gracillariinae: Gracillaria syringella - 0645 Lilac Leafminer. Length: 4.5mm.

These are fairly common on lilacs, so have a close look next time you see a lilac bush.

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Very interesting posting, Chris!

Interesting, Chris!! I note there are no dots for NB on the MPG map!!

Thank you both. I didn't check MPG, but the people there check BG and use their data, so ... I looked up on BG who had posted all the images from NB, and it turned out to be me! Mostly images of the mines. Quite a devil of a time getting an image of a live moth! These little critters are fast!

Fast? Oh yeah!

BTW, Chris, I posted my European Pepper Moth, 5156.5 to BG last year just to get a dot on NB on the MPG map...still not dot on that map.

Great shot Chris!!  We have two lilac bushes, but haven't seen this one yet.  Season is only starting though

Captivating stages of events Chris!


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