A possible new species for the Maritime Ecozone:

GRACILLARIIDAE Gracillariinae: Micrurapteryx salicifoliella - 0647 Willow Leafblotch Miner

UNB Woodlot, Fredericton, 14 October 2015.

I had no idea what this flat silken structure on a willow leaf was, so I sent it in to Charley E at BugGuide. The answer came back today: It "appears to be" a cocoon of Micrurapteryx salicifoliella. I removed the contents of the cocoon at home and photographed the remains, which appears to be a dead larva. The small structure associated with the larva is the cocoon of a parasitoid wasp, according to Charley.

Not mentioned in the MEZ document, no images for BugGuide and MPG for our area.

Image #3 shows the underside of the larva.

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Nice images and information Chris!!

Fantastic find Chris!!  Getting close up and personal in the image too!  Congrats on a new Species for the maritimes :)

It's still a tentative id based on an image. Tony may or may not accept it.


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