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Nothing in trap this morning, May 16/18.

Your recent flooding in the area must have wiped out your moths.

6 moths in my trap this am (may 16); including Diamondback moth 2366, a nice Acleris, 2 noctuids and 2 other micros; 4 spp., 6 moths.

Diamondback's a nice moth! I said a while ago that the moths all drowned! Then again, daytime temps here yesterday only got to 10 C.

I was pleased with 10501.

Tony, I think wind is the big factor here, yesterday was very strong SW. Our house is well above the river, flooding for us is not an issue.There are many spots to survive above the flooded areas.

Congrats on a new one Joanne...I took a quick peep in the trap, and saw a prominent on top of an egg carton.  Waiting for it to warm up.  We had frost overnight. 

Thanks, Nancy. I took one look at this moth yesterday morning and thought... 'Oh boy, Norman's Quaker!' I initially posted it with a query but then changed to the name.

My trap won't be out again until the 22nd.

Enjoy your trip Joanne!!....

Will do for sure! Will be monitoring BNB remotely.


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