Only 4 in the trap this am (7viii17):

8007 Unicorn Prominent

9639 Mouse

10177 Toadflax Brocade

10674 Subgothic Dart

Spednic Lake Bioblitz starts Wednesday, I'm going to be a busy boy.

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This morning here feels fallish so imagine the night was cool. Only 4 moths in my trap, imaged only 2:

Common Hyppa  9578  [such a beautifully patterned moth]

Ipsilon Dart 10663

I expect you'll greatly enjoy the Bioblitz, Tony!

Looks too well patterned for xylinoides; take a look at contrasta. BUT:

Time-wise it's right on the border between summer contrasta and Fall xylinoides; late for contrasta early for xylinoides!

That's why I posted it, Tony, I have a notation in my Peterson's re H. contrasta [spring/summer] and H. xylinodes [fall] and wasn't sure re actual name for this one.

I've done a comparison of both contrasta and xylinoides on MPG and BG. The big difference I can see it the amt. of the silvery sheen and white outlines of orbicular and reniform spots.

Besides the time line for each species, how DOES one tell them apart, Tony?

I'd wager some of the specimens on both MPG and BG are flawed as to which they actually are.

MPG and BG certainly flawed.

xylinoides: May-June, August-Septempber

contrasta: mid-June to early August

Genitalia distinct

male antennae: 4-4.5 times as wide as width between the 'bristles' = xylinoides

3-3.5 as wide in contrasta

black lines on FW  sharply defined = xylinoides

black lines slightly blurred = contrasta

Really need to have 1 specimen of each to compare

I had about 15-20 this morning but nothing new at all.  I haven't had the Mouse or the Subgothic, ever!! lol

Hope you find lots of species at the Bio Blitz, Tony!!

Got the Contrasta or xylinoides July 24th and the Ipsilon on Aug. 2nd , Joanne. Both are so beautiful! 

Toadflax Brocade has been unusually numerous at the lights in recent nights - up to 8 at once when I rarely have had more than one per night before. 

That Subgothic Dart must be a good find for NB. A first for BNB, none at BugGuide and perhaps one dot at MPG. Doesn't seem to be on CNC list for Atlantic Maritime Ecoregion.

I've never had a Toadflax Brocade, the Mouse or Subgothic Dart here.... bring 'em on!!

Boy...I'm slow this morning...haven't checked the trap yet. It's 11:35 and still cool out there.

Will make a note of your comparison, Tony...sounds very difficult to me.

Have similar thoughts, Nancy but at least now have some concrete information to follow.

Your July 24 has to be contrasta;

male antennae are perhaps the best separator, apart from flight season

Thanks Tony! :)


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