1. Catocala connubialis - Connubial Underwing - Hodges#8877...first of the season!  finally :) Aug 8, 2018

2. Dolba hyloeus - Pawpaw Sphinx - Hodges#7784...this is my third this summer and the first two were very worn.  Only had it once in 2015.

3. Acleris variana - Eastern Black-headed Budworm - Hodges#3548  Aug 7, 2018  ID'ed by Michael Sabourin on Moths of Eastern USA.  New for me

4. Zeiraphera unfortunana - Purple-Striped Shootworm Moth - Hodges#3243  not sure of the ID...aug 8th

dorsal view

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Congrats on the new one and for getting your first 'Cat' of the year!! Images are great.... hope you get an answer to the other!

Like pulling teeth to get one Joanne...thanks a lot :)

Thank you Chris!!  With the hot days, I had to shoot indoors.  I finally started using the circular flash I've had for 2 years...takes a lot of practice, and the moths were patient in the air conditioning. 

Excellent images, Nancy. You have the lighting and colours just right.

All beautiful images and interesting moths, Nancy! I've seen one Pawpaw Sphinx; the other three I've not seen. Amazing pattern on that Acleris variana!! I've done a fair bit of searching for your #4 and I would have to agree with your ID. I see that it is on the Pohl et. als. checklist for NB. Congratulations on the new ones!!

I've never had Pawpaw Sphinx but have had 3548..but in the form as shown 3rd fm the left in Peterson's, pg 89. Also took a look at your #4 and agree with your take on that one. I had a Boldly-marked Archips today, an old friend, but wondered when I saw it if it was a form of 3548, which is very similar.

Thanks very much for taking the time to help, Stuart!! I couldn’t find anything else with that design on the lower FW. Happy it is listed for NB... had difficulty searching on the annotated list.... all that Latin lol


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