A rare Micro...I think! Could be totally wrong. Quarryville June 12/13, 2018

I haven't had many Micros yet this year.  At first glance there were more than usual on Wed morning.  When I looked closely I noticed that most were the White Pine Cone Borer, which I get every year.  There were around 4 of this new one.  not listed for NB on MPG or BG and only one NB in the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone

1. Cydia toreuta - Eastern Pine Seedworm Moth - Hodges#3486

2. Trichordestra lilacina - Aster Cutworm - Hodges#10307 This is a new one for me as well.

I was delighted to have Sphinx luscitiosa - Clemens' Sphinx  return. Had it on June 16th last year.

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Three very nice moths, Nancy!! I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Clemen's Sphinx yet. 

I agree with your ID on the micro. I've only seen this beauty once, in June 2016, and posted it HERE.

Very nice lineup, Nancy; I've not had any of these. Congrats on the new ones!!

Thanks so much Joanne and Stuart!! I didn’t do a search on BNB... Dah... lol. Did you submit it to BG Stuart??? So cool that we both had it!!! 

Nancy, I didn't submit it to BugGuide but will do so. Your images are much better than mine so I hope you will submit yours also!

Your image is great, Stuart.  I'm at home today, so should get it submitted before I forget.  Also should label all my new moths for this yr.  like you do.  It helps to remember the name if they are right on the photo. 

Wow, a lovely collection once again Nancy. 

I'm hooked, like you are on the dragonflies, Gail.  thanks very much :)


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