Agrotis venerabilis - Venerable Dart - Hodges#10651 Quarryville Trap June 04/05, 2018

Had around 10 Moths in the trap after a cold rainy night.  The One Eyed Sphinx was there, probably the same one returning daily.  I always hide it in the lilac tree, so the birds won't get it. 

Just had to post this Beauty. I reread Tony's postings for the difference between Venerable and Variable.  You can't see the pale collar in my photo, so I went with the early date.  

Also posting a couple of pics from inside  the trap on the morning of June 1st after a warm night. Such a BIG difference the weather makes!

Agrotis venerabilis - Venerable Dart - Hodges#10651

Moths from last Friday morning...inside the trap.  

Also in the trap

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You are getting far more than most of us

Just 5 macros (5 spp.) in my trap this am (5vi18), and 1 tiny tiny micro.

'best' moth was 10292 Melanchra adjuncta

The luna looks like a female that has laid 5 eggs

DARN IT!!  Luna eggs....dah...I didn't clue in. I had so many insects that day...they are gone now....:(  I'll know better next time. 

I'm sure you will be investigating the tiny tiny micro...

10292 would be a new one for me.  It's not common on BNB

Nice bunch of moths there, Nancy! Hoping to have a chance to see that many moths at one time before the summer is over! It remains too cool here in the evenings for any moth activity. I haven't even seen a 'June Bug' since last Friday! :)

Thanks Stuart...I'm sure you will get lots of moths one the weather warms up!  

Not many June bugs here since Friday, either...thankfully!!


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