This recent moth id has resulted in a new species page at BugGuide. GRACILLARIIDAE Gracillariinae: 0587 Caloptilia alnivorella. Caloptilia spp. are initially leafminers and later leafrollers or folders, not necessarily on the same leaf as the mine.
New River Beach Provincial Park, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada, July 16, 2017. A folded alder leaf collected on 3 July 2017 was one of an abundant number in a wooded campground. Most alder bushes in the park contained many folded leaves. Collected as specimen NRBPP-01.
A larva was photographed 3 July on an opened leaf fold (image #4). One pupa was photographed on 14 July at home (image #3). Two adult moths emerged, one on the 16th (image #1) and one on the 18th. The second moth to emerge was stuck to the pupal case (image #2).
The adult moth was identified as Caloptilia alnivorella from viewing the BugGuide page by J-F Landry, NIS-CNC, Ottawa. [National Identification Service - Canadian National Collection]
Pupa in leaf fold.

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Very well done, Chris.... the life cycle well documented.

Way to go Chris !

Great documentation, Chris!


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