Last night I finally had a normal Moth night!!  I set up the trap for the first time in over a week as I had company. 

1. Euxoa messoria - Reaper Dart - Hodges#10705  Aug. 28th....Joanne and Tony had this one

2. Hyppa xylinoides - Common Hyppa - Hodges#9578...thank you Tony!  I thought it wasApamea nigrior - Black-dashed Apamea - Hodges#9328

3. Epiblema otiosana - Bidens Borer - Hodges#3202...Thanks Stuart :)...I thought it was Eucosma parmatana - Hodges#2937 Sept 6, 2017  Thought it was Biden's Borer at first.

4. Xestia perquiritata - Hodges#10962 Sept. 6  Not sure about this one...Very few pics on MPG and BG

5. Macronoctua onusta - Iris Borer - Hodges#9452  A real Beauty...Tony and Stuart had it before.

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Nice lineup and great images Nancy! I've had # 2 lately and ignored it. Congrats on the beautiful # 3!  #4 surely seems to be a match for those few on MPG/BG.  I've hoped for but never have seen # 5. WTG!!!

#2 2nd generation of 9578 Hyppa xylinoides

It is the Hyppa! Darn it!! Lol. Thankful for the correction Tony. I REALLY wanted a new one...

Thanks Joanne. The Iris looked so familiar. One I've wanted for 3 summers.

At least you're getting some new ones, Nancy. Big rain and winds here since yesterday, yet I did get some moths last evening:

Dark Marbled Carpet 7182.... the greyer wondering if someone knows if that's a later brood or just a normal form of a variable moth.

Worn Pink-spotted Dart 10950, Rosy Rustic 9514, worn Gypsy Moth, Common Looper 8908 were also noted along with numerous The White Speck.

Fantastic moths and great images, Nancy!! I am still not receiving notifications when postings are made to the moth forum so just happened to stumble upon this. I thought I had corrected the problem a few days ago but obviously I haven't. 

I have been getting one or two Reaper Darts nightly over the past week or so and have had a few at this time of the year in the past also. 

Your #3 is actually a Bidens Borer as you had originally thought. I get this species occasionally but get the similar Eucosma parmatana very commonly so have made an effort to work out the differences. A very consistent difference is the forward-pointing 'hook' of the terminal white area on Bidens Borer, such as your individual clearly shows.

That #4 sure seems like a very uncommon species and as you said there are very few photos of live specimens. Great find!!

Thank you Stuart!!  I read and compared the differences of the Biden and  E parmatana, but I was so excited to have something new, I didn't study them closely. I was going by the dorsal view mostly... (posting the picture).  It seemed a much better fit than Bidens.  Didn't notice the 'hook''s in most of the Biden Images and mine sure has one.  I appreciate the correction :) 

I wondered what happened to you hit that highlighted line in the emails that refers to 'not getting emails'...instead of  'to view this email'....I used to do it a lot!!

LOL I've hit that highlighted 'stop following' line in those emails by mistake many times but can't remember what I had to do to start receiving notifications again. I seem to have all the right boxes checked in my settings. I'm going to leave the moth forum and then rejoin to see if that will work.

Pls don't leave for long!

LOL. I left for ten seconds then rejoined. Hopefully I'll now get notifications when new postings are made.

10962 appears to be local rather than rare. I just released 2 from my trap this am (10ix17). Larvae feed on fir and spruce and I suspect that the adults do not fly far from the trees.

In Fundy NP I had a trap in the spruce forest along the Point Wolfe Road and caught dozens; just checked my report: 73 moths between July 29 and Aug 22,

Still a very nice catch and photo.

Thank-you Tony. We do have fir and spruce along the river here.  Your light is drawing from a larger area.  Looking forward to next year already!!

Thanks for that info, Tony. Lots of spruce and fir in our backyard so will be expecting 10962 one of these days.


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