Striped Oak Webworm [Procera expandens] Aug 2/18 Quispamsis to lights ID Tony

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What about 5606 or 5605?

Thanks, Girl; will have another boo.

I just cannot make them into a match, Nancy.

I think the girl is close. Pococera has those 3 scale tufts - one on thorax and 1 each on the wing; and those large curved-back over the head palps. I am not certain but I would go with 5608 Pococera expandens.

Thank you, Tony! I had this back in 2016, knew it looked familiar and also didn't go far enough; seems I had the same problem in 2016 as YOU did the ID then.!!

I find these so difficult Joanne..I'm sure I could never nail the ID


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