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Not much in the trap this morning [May 11/18]: 1 Mottled Gray Carpet clinging to the baffle, 1 earwig, 1 Caddisfly and a bunch of Gnats.

Fredericton, in trap May 11 2018: No earwig, no Caddis, no Gnat.

Did have 1 Plain Semioscopis, 1 worm Phigalia titea, 1 Mottled gray Carpet. 1 Intent Zale 8713.1 - identical to image on p. 363

I keep hoping for some Zales but no luck so far.

Congrats on the new moth, Jo!

Thanks Stu! Finally had a Amanda's Pinion at the same time.

I see everyone is back Moffing!!  Congrats on a new one Joanne.  

Just got back from a trip with my Sister...The nights were cool before we left (May 4th) and I did some moffing on April 27th.  Got a few but nothing new.  Will see if I can set everything up tonight.  The bait is smelling good!

Thanks, Nancy!!

I'm not baiting right now.... too many trees and other plants in blossom. I'll start again sometime in July.


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