A well worn individual arrived at the outside light in spite of strong gusty wind. I wouldn't ordinarily post this but.....

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Nice, Jo! Nothing here for the past two weeks except for 2 Fall Cankerworm Moths a few evenings ago when it was quite mild. 

Thanks, Stu! It was blowing quite hard when my poor, little faded moth arrive so it really surprised me. Only other recent arrivals were a few Acleris maccana.

Nice image of the Fall Cankerworm!

So far November 22/17:  3 Bruce Spanworm at the outside light this evening along with 2 Acleris maccana, 1 Caddisfly and several Gnats.

One Bruce Spanworm and one Fall Cankerworm here in Cormierville this evening before the heavy rain began.


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