In trap am of June 7 2018: 7139, 10587 x2, 10891, 10292

and a nice fat Large Yellow Underwing - Buddy's favourite snack, wings and all

(Buddy is a male Emerald Swift)

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If we lived closer, I could make Buddy very happy. Three moths in the trap this morning... one was a Large Yellow Underwing, one was The White Speck and one is yet to be determined.

haha!!  I reread a post ! made in 2015 about how beautiful the Yellow Underwings were!!   

I had around 30-40 June Bugs...I was hoping they'd be gone by now

10 - 15 Moths.... Black Zigzag, 2 Brown Headed Owlets,Elegant and Black-Rimmed Prominents, 2 One Eyed Sphinx and 2 tortricid moths that look really familar.   I have a very dark red macro, I think I had last yr. and took me forever to ID.

It's a matter of 'Beauty is as Beauty does', Nancy.

Nancy, here, I had no June Beetles.... a real plus to my mind!

The moth 'to be determined' was another Ruddy Quaker  [Protorthodes oviduca] 10563. Had it May 26 - 27/18 when it was a new species for me.


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