Caloptilia serotinella 330159 / 0637 at Cormierville, Kent Co., on 1 AUG 2017 - new for NB?

This attractive Caloptilia came to our lights on the evening of August 1st and seems to match nicely with online images of C. serotinella. It would appear to be a first report for New Brunswick?

Caloptilia serotinella 330159 / 0637

attracted to light

Cormierville (Cocagne), Kent County, New Brunswick

1 August 2017

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What a wee beauty! What an image! WOW!!

My o my...This one looks like it has a warm knitted sweater on lol too cute!

Congrats once again, you're on a ROLL Stuart!

A fabulous shot :)

Thanks very much, Jo and Nancy.


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