Clepsis spectrana 620355.00 / 3681.1 - New for The Maritimes - Cormierville, Kent Co., NB 7 AUG 2018

I almost dismissed this micro at my lights on the evening on August 7th but something about it made me think it might not just be one of those Argyrotaenia sp. (such as Gray-banded Leafroller) or a variable Acleris sp. that shows partial rings. It took a lot of searching at MPG but eventually I found a good match in the pinned specimens section. I posted this to the Facebook group "Moths of the eastern United States" and eventually it was confirmed by Jason Dombroskie. It appears to be an Old World species (known as Cyclamen Tortrix) introduced into British Columbia in 1950 and otherwise only known in Canada from Quebec. There are some records from northern US states as well.

Clepsis spectrana

620355.00 / 3681.1

attracted to light; Cormierville (Cocagne), Kent County, NB

7 August 2018

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Congratulations Stuart!!  I often ignore some micros, especially if they are worn, or look familiar.

I had one Aug. 7th that is very similar...I didn't get a chance to ID it, figuring it would be a very difficult one.

What do you think?

Wow, Nancy, I think this is also Clepsis spectrana! Jason Dombroskie will also be very interested in your record. Do you ever post to iNaturalist? I know he would prefer that you post your sighting there and tag him. If you don't 'do' iNaturalist then please post on BugGuide and I'll let Jason know about your record. Congratulations!

Thanks a lot Stuart.  I was so surprised to see your post and realised how similar our images were. 

Yes, I have been posting in iNaturalist this summer.  I fall behind and then post a bunch in one day.  I will post this one today for sure.  Also post in BG, especially anything that is rare in NB. 

I have family in the area this summer and we are getting together a lot.  I have been trying to catch up with postings and IDing.


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