Saw this tiny spider sneaking up on this large underwing ( Catocala briseis ) on my window today.

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Nice image, Danny! Catocala are my very favorite group. Folks that know me and some that don't are aware spiders are NOT among my favorites!!

Send your briseis my way Danny!!  I don't have that one! 

I love spiders

Thanks ladies,  I found this at almost mid-day, was surprised to see that it was resting no where close to a night time light source.

I've found that Catocala are not a light seeking group.

A lot depends on the light source; 125 watt mercury vapour lamps pull in lots of Catocala

Thanks for the info, Tony.

I'm curious, did you prompt the moth to leave before the spider got to it?

The carnage that ensued was awful !  :-)

Actually, the moth flew off before I could even get a better close-up shot.

Yay for the moth!! BTW.. as for that first statement....., is it possible to be so cheeky as to call someone one doesn't know a brat?!

It fits.  Totally !

Thank you, Danny!!

Thats a Zebra Jumping Spider ... I was rooting for it :)


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