Eupsilia morrisoni - Morrison's Sallow - Hodges#9936 Oct 05, 2017 Quarryville Trap

Hadn't set the trap up in over a week.  Actually put all my containers in the  What was I thinking!  Had two Catocala relicta and a couple of Papaipema.  Joanne had this in Feb of 2016!  Hopefully I got the ID right.  New one for me.

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What a beauty, Nancy! I've not seen this one.

I keep checking every evening but very few moths in recent weeks. Only two out there this evening (as of 9pm) but both are uncommon species so will post shortly.

Thanks Stuart!! I almost didn't capture it because it looked familiar.

It went down to 0 last night. Will wait till it's milder.

Looking forward to your post :)

Very nice, Nancy!! 

Thanks Joanne!  :) :)

I'm Thankful for Moths and this little group!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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