Fall Cankerworm Moth [Alsophilia pometaria] 6528 Nov.7/17 at front sidelight no image

Temp is 2.4 C and yet, there is a moth on the wing. Since I posted Lunate Zale that visited on Oct. 25/17, I've had others. Multiples of Bicolored Sallow, Ipsilon Dart, The White Speck, two Plume Moths, other Lunate Zale and Acleris species celiana's, cervianna, maccana. I'm considering the moth season done for 2017.

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"Temp is 2.4 C and yet, there is a moth on the wing."

That is the nature of this beast. They don't tend to emerge from their pupa until we've had a good frost; so you are unlikely to see them early in the fall when it is warmer.

Thanks, Danny, something I didn't know about that species. I'll file the info for sure!

Don't give up on the moth season yet, Jo! There's bound to be more before winter sets in. You've certainly had a lot more moths recently than I have; just a few micros here in last two weeks. What do you mean by "sevianna"?

It should have been 'cervianna', Stu.... I've edited it. I forgot to add Green Cloverworm to those recent frequent visitors. that have visited in spite of wind.

Jo, how about cervinana?

Yes, that would be it.... seems I have trouble with that name... Hodges 3514.

WOW!  Apparently I have been way to busy with Mom and Dad this fall, to notice that I am no longer following the Moth Group!!  Not sure how long ago I put everything away...Kudos for keeping at it, Joanne! 

Thanks, Nancy. I'll not bait anymore this year but I'll notice if something visits the outside light..... not expecting much.


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