Despite continuing cool temperatures and some wind a few macros appeared at the front door light last evening. I photographed Bicolored Woodgrain Morrisonia evicta 10520, Toothed Brown Carpet Xanthorhoe lacustrata 7390 and a Lithophane that I think is bethunei 9887 but I would really appreciate guidance with this one. Perhaps it is just a worn innominata? A fourth macro got away before I could photograph it but it was none of the above. Photos below of the Morrisonia and Lithoph'ane.

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I'll agree re 9887, Stu. What a beauty in 10520! Not sure if I've ever had that one...moth book going away with me and presently packed away in the car so I can't check.

Thanks, Jo. Wishing you a great trip!

re 9887: and then again inominata is a possibility. Your worn moth presents the same problem as my worn Norman's Quaker did with me.

Hope to have a good time!

There is an image on MPG under innominata that looks a like Stewart's moth. However, all our innominata are a lot darker.

I'm going with bethunei.

I had the same species in my trap on May 15 2018, attaching image. It's alive on a vertical piece of wood, wish it had had its legs extended!

There we first impression!

Thanks for the input, Nancy and Tony. Much appreciated.


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