The Season is winding down and I usually get 1 new addition to my list, on most days.  Now in my third summer with Moth-ing, I am happy to be able to ID many by sight.  I still get tricked a lot though! lol

1. Gnorimoschema gallaesolidaginis - Goldenrod Gall Moth - Hodges#1986  NEW FOR ME  Tony had this as a new species for NB in 2015...he must of sent it my way. 

2. Xestia smithii - Smith's Dart - Hodges#10944...Joanne had this on the 16th...I did too, but I only got one pic and it took off.  I had a nice fresh one this morning.  New for me.

3. Papaipema pterisii - Bracken Borer Moth - Hodges#9480  FOS!!  Hoping to get some new ones

4. Catocala antinympha - Sweetfern Underwing - Hodges#8775...Returned and is frequently hiding on the porch this week

Catocala blandula - Charming Underwing - Hodges#8867  Had a faded one in 2015, so I thought this one was something new.

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Great moths and images, Nancy! I've had 8867 last year but I'll sure welcome 8775 if it visits! The same applies for 9480 [which is termed 'uncommon' in Peterson's] and don't think I've had 1986.

PS... often get 'tricked' often as well!

Thanks Joanne!  I thought for sure you had the Sweetfern.  It's out there right now.  I only had the porch light on and just went out to turn on the trap light .  I'll send it your way! :)

I've had Sensitive Fern but not Sweet Fern, Nancy.

Another facet of nature I dabble in is botany... ferns are a group I especially enjoy.... I have decent selection of ferns on my property.

Sweet Fern though, is not a fern but is a small shrub on the Bay family [if you find some, rub a bit between your fingers and smell]. I know where to find the species in other areas of NB but not around my property. 

I knew you were into Ferns ...probably what threw me off.   The Sensitive Fern Borer is a Beauty, I haven't had it yet this yr. I think it comes in Sept. 

How about that, Sweet Fern is not a fern...:)


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