despite mainly cool nights and wind, 13 identified species and a few few unknown micros ended up in my trap. Individual numbers are low.

Most unusual, and best, catch was a female 10518 Achatia distincta - a very rare NB species although common further south.

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Congratulations on the Achatia distincta, Tony. It has been a disastrous start to the moth season here although much of it may be attributable to wind and cool temps. I have had a grand total of 3 macros so far and even micros have disappeared over the past week. Surely things will turn around.

Stu: not sure if you are using some sort of trap. A shed, a tent, or any large space with one entrance will collect a lot more moths than an 'open' light. Many moths will be attracted to a light  and if they are not trapped will simply fly away. It is surprising how many more moths you will get with some sort of trap.

Tony: I'm not using a trap of any kind, just my usual simple setup of regular CFL bulbs at the front and back door. The same setup has been effective in all other years. I will add my 22w blacklight to see if that makes a difference but I haven't used it in other springs. Our house and yard are unprotected from the east and south and we've had a lot of wind from those directions this spring. Presently gusting to 50 kph from the south.

Effective yes, but I bet you seeing only a fraction of the moths that visit. No big deal when moths are abundant but a big deal when moths are scarce.

Congrats on the A. distincta [Distinct Quaker], Tony!!


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