Found a match quickly in the first plate on MPG.  I kept looking and found 2 more that are somewhat similar..(1842 &1844)...This one seems to be right on.  Not listed for NB on BG, MPG or CNC....might be on the Pohl et. als. checklist for NB....It's not user friendly for a beginner, or maybe I need more time with 

Corrections welcomed :)

Gerdana caritella - Hodges#1144

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Congrats on another lifer, Nancy!! I had my first on August 1st of last year (see HERE) and have had several this year over the past month. Despite that, Pohl et. als. do not report it from Canada east of Quebec.

Congrats on yet another one, Nancy!! It's one I've not yet had.

Nancy, it could hardly b simpler
go to:
click on the Adobe icon next to "Download as"
Open the file
Click the magnifying glass on top tool bar
enter Gerdana in the "Find" window
click "next"
and you get this species; if not click "next" again and again

New  for NB

Yay, another moth new to NB!!!

Tony, you know how confused I can get here in Quarryville!!  haha!

I had it downloaded, but I was looking for a search window.  The Magnifying glass icon, didn't register.  I thought it should be simple like that!  I was using the index...a long slow way!

Thank you so much for your kind direction...

.I see Stuart got it last August.  He is hard to keep up with! :)

Thanks Stuart and Joanne!  I neglected to search BNB again!!  I was doing all this other  

The micros are fascinating I long I stay away from the worn ones!!  WTG on the first for NB Stuart :)


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