Mar 17 2018 3:08pm this was flying around in my shop.

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Wish this image was cropped as it's really small therefore difficult to be sure of ID. Possibly Curve-lined Agonopterix [Agonopterix curvilineella] Hodge's 0859 pg 46 - 47 Peterson's.

Maybe others can contribute.

maybe this will help ....

Great to see a moth, Laurie! I think this is Agonopterix pulvipennella.


Agree with Featherduster Agonopterix, Stu....Hodges # 0867 page 48 - 49 Peterson. Thanks, Jimmy!

Hi and thanks I had page 47 and 49 marked and would go backed to it and I just could not see it. what fool me is color.     thanks every for the help

You are just getting started, Laurie....with more exposure/experience, all will be clearer. It's a matter of colouring and PATTERN.

Joanne what your saying makes lots of sense by the way I made a change to my moths trap. Not sure how mush light will come out of it have not had it on at night.


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