Dusky Hooded Owlet [Cucullia intermedia] 10194 Aug 4-5/18 Quispamsis trap assist Nancy

New if ID is correct.

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Did you take a side shot Joanne?  I think it's the Dusky with that long black basal dash.

Again, I've seesawed between the 2 but the long basal dash does speak volumes. Either one would be new to me.

The moth didn't stay around for a side shot.

I would agree with Nancy. I find them a somewhat difficult genus but do get lots of practise with 10-20 per night recently. I think almost all of mine are this species (intermedia).

It was a great night last night for moth variety including several I don't recognize and a variety of other unusual insects. It was tough to shut the lights off and go to bed.

Thanks, Stu! It was quiet here last evening and the trap didn't produce much either. I did take a couple at bait and a few at the lights that still need imaging. Another Broad-winged Katydid dropped in.

Congrats on another new one...you must be very close to 500!!

Within 4 moths of 500, Nancy.

Thanks, Nancy... you had something to do with that ID!


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