Moncton - lot of gypsy moth flying around  yesterday kids had a lot of Fun trying to catch them with their nets not to many female, it seam to be mostly adult  males

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Finally, a gypsy moth. Nice pic. I've seen a couple flying around in the past few days, but that's it. Are they late this year?

By the way, Tom, all flying gypsies are male; the females do not fly. I've seen hundreds of males but only one female, in Maine a few years ago.

WTG Tom!!  I all of sudden started getting them this week, in my trap.  I was getting up to 6 a night.  I didn't see any in 2015 and one or two in 2016.  Weird how there are so many this yr.!

Haven't seen wingless Moths, ever.  Not sure if I'd recognize it as a moth or not.

Great shot By the Way :)

We have a couple of these flying in our yard presently.  Not many of them this year, so far.

"Haven't seen wingless Moths, ever.  Not sure if I'd recognize it as a moth or not."

Nancy, female GM are not wingless; just too heavy to fly. When they emerge from their pupa they mate right there and usually an egg mass is deposited at the same spot.  So, you can find a pupal case, female and an egg mass all at the same time.  Meanwhile the males are frantically flying about looking for the females.

Frantically surely describes the flight of the male Gypsy Moth!

Haha!!  THANK YOU Danny!! Us beginners need this type of info!!  With me getting so many last week...there has got to be a female close by!!

Nice photo, Tom! I haven't had one yet this year here in Cocagne.

I haven't had it here either.

thank you Chris

thank you Nancy

well Stu i don't know what was going  on  had a lot of Adult males i do mean a lots we had a lot of kids in the the yard we are a very large family nets flying in all direction even big pepole they said they say a white  one i did not see it was to busy ducking it was to funny lol anyway i got a photo

Tom, that is too funny! You should have taken a photo of everyone with their nets!

Yes, Tom, if you have an image of the action, please post it.


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