Another uncommon moth, and for me, not only a new family but also a new superfamily, Adeloidea (Fairy moths and kin). At first I thought it was a cross between a coleophorid and a scape moth; couldn't place it anywhere.

INCURVARIIDAE 0181 Paraclemensia acerifoliella - Maple leafcutter moth

My observation, 2 June 2014 in the DU pond area, Fredericton, is first for BugGuide NB. AME lists it only for NS, MPG has a dot for the tip of CBI, none for NB and a few for Maine.

This moth is the only one of its genus in N America. The larva cuts out a circle from a maple leaf, folds it over and pupates over the winter after it falls to the ground. Size about 1 cm body.

Tags: 0181, INCURVARIIDAE, Paraclemensia, acerifoliella, leafcutter, maple, moth

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Nice find, Chris!

Interesting; sharp looking moth.


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