Had around 6 moths around 11pm.  This was the only one that didn't look familiar.  Would appreciate confirmation....there are others very similar, but not found in NB in May.

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Looks good to me, Nancy.

Lovely image, Nancy! I wonder if this might not be The Half-wing Phigalea titea 196650 / 6658? Tony has had a couple already this spring but I've never seen one. Moths have been practically non-existent here so far!

As this is such a late Spring it seems a tad early for 6582; especially for way 'up north'.

6582 has a proportionally longer FW and is more colourful.

Stuart has nailed the ID.

Very, very tricky!!  I was searching for one that had the Median line touching the PM line.  6658 isn't supposed to have this, however, when I look at the images on MPG there are two that do.  Because of the longer FW, I see now that 6582 has more of a 'short and wide' shape.   Darn-it.  I thought I had a new one. 

Thank-you Joanne, Stuart and Tony.  I must say, I did enjoy looking for it.

The weekend looks promising for moth-ing....hope you get some soon Stuart :)


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