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there are a few that are similar, but we're on our way out.   Will look tomorrow if you don't get confirmation by then Joanne.  

Thanks, Nancy. Yes, I've seen some similar... bad news is that I have others that  I've not matched!!

Jo, I photographed one of these extensively last night and haven't had a chance to try to ID but it doesn't look like one I've had before. I'll try to get at it today and hopefully we can come up with an ID between us. Hold on. I just looked it up and I agree with your ID. Nancy has had it before. Congrats if a lifer! It's new for me.

Thank you, Stu!! It is indeed a lifer, one that brings me within 4 moths of a personal growth target I'd hoped to get this year!! Congratulations to you too!!

WTG Joanne!!  It looked good when I did a quick look last night, but sometimes a quick look backfires!!  lol

Congrats on this one...I've only had it once

Thanks, Jo!!


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